Windows sounds… oh my.

Hmm, is it just me, or isn’t selecting the “No sounds” scheme one of the first things you would do after installing Windows? I would at least expect that any experienced and sane person would do so…

Hearing “DING” and Windows startup and shutdown sounds from people in the IT department or who are supposed to be “system administrators” really scares me…

It makes me wonder what other annoying, useless default features they’ve left enabled… :P

A few ways of “watermarking” mp3 files

Recently there has been talk by some music labels that they will be releasing non-DRMed mp3 files, followed by updates that they are going to “watermark” these files.

I choose to write “watermark” quoted, as this is really more tagging than watermarking, because I doubt they will be applying on-the-fly digital audio processing to watermark, followed by encoding each mp3 specifically for each customer. Let’s assume they’re going to just modify stocks of ready-encoded mp3s.

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